Stress Management Techniques

What is mindfulness practice?

Mindfulness practice includes a variety of techniques that help us to experience pain, discomfort and/or difficulties in a present, accepting way, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of life.

Mindfulness Practice & Stress Management

At GPS, we incorporate mindfulness practice and stress management into our sessions to help people manage and cope with a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma, and stressful relationships in their personal and professional lives. Often times, our self-talk can be negative, almost as if we have put on glasses that make us see others as against us, paths as blocked by countless obstacles, conflicts as unavoidable, and emotional and physical pain as intolerable.

The beauty of mindfulness practice is that it offers alternatives to solving life’s problems in a nonjudgmental, present way. Examples of mindfulness techniques include doing a body scan meditation to practice noticing comfortable and uncomfortable physical sensations, doing deep breathing exercises while lying in bed at night, and using visualizations to help notice and detach from worry thoughts.

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