Psychological Testing

Gwynedd Psychological Services offers psychological testing to assess any of the following areas:

  • Comprehensive interview to gather information regarding the individual’s developmental milestones, social functioning, emotional functioning, family of origin, academic achievement, work history, review of previous reports/testing results, health concerns, substance use, and identifying strengths/limitations.
  • Cognitive functioning measures to assess verbal and nonverbal skills, processing speed, and working memory.
  • Memory functioning measures to assess verbal immediate/delayed memory, visual immediate/delayed memory, working memory/auditory processing, attention, and some optional tests.
  • Academic functioning measures assess reading achievement, math achievement, writing skills, and oral skills.
  • Executive functioning/attention functioning measures assess various abilities, such as transitioning from activity to activity, capacity to control impulses, and inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.
  • Emotional/social functioning measures to assess emotional concerns (e.g., anxiety/depression, oppositional behaviors), social skill strengths (e.g., leadership qualities) and limitations (e.g., difficulty joining groups, social anxiety, etc.), personality characteristics (e.g., introverted or extroverted), and any additional concerns that impact the person’s life (e.g., sensory difficulties).

The psychological testing provided by GPS offer a complete picture of the various aspects of a person. Individuals who receive this testing often times feel relieved that they can better understand their strengths and limitations and have list of recommendations to help them be happier, more academically capable, more successful in personal and professional relationships, and have more perspective on how to bring better balance into their lives.

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