Developmental Difficulties

Parenting is tough. Children don't come with manuals, leaving you to sort through mountains of information to find the parts that fit your personal parenting goals, your child's personality, the research, the parenting blogs, the advice from friends and family and mom groups, and on and on.

Stemming from more than a decade of clinical training at top sites around the country, as well as personal experience with our own children, we can help to troubleshoot common childhood stressors related to:

  • sleep training
  • feeding issues
  • toilet training
  • sensory issues
  • spirited personalities
  • any behavior that disrupts your family's daily schedule

We will use a variety of behaviorally-oriented, empirically-based, and data-driven techniques and supports to achieve your desired goal for your child in a way that also fits into your personal parenting ideals. More often than not, parents are already doing everything "right" and simply need our guided help to tailor their approach to their wonderfully unique child.

As these issues are rarely resolved in a traditional one-hour-per-week session format, we've also developed a more supportive model that grants you flexible contact with your developmental consultant during the times and locations when you need it most.

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